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Here you will find links to my novels and descriptions of the story lines.
I really enjoyed writing them and I hope you will enjoy reading them.
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SPACE: War of the Humans Book 1 in the series UCOP is now available on Amazon click here to get it now!

This first sci-fi book in the series UCOP, United Commonwealth of Planets, starts with a small crew of eight in a standard warship. Having caught the most wanted criminal Estre the Thief brings them to the attention of the Council of Twelve, who picks them for a secret mission. They have to find the long lost Vantage ship, the Planet Slayer. What they do not know is that this ship was built to learn all there is to learn and then use its knowledge to find a way for the Council of Twelve to live forever!
Anka and his crew are sent on this mission without knowing the real facts. They were told the starship might be on planet Earth. They reach the violent little planet, their impression that it was one nation. Then their orders change. They are told to train the Humans for a war against the bothersome warlike Knars, a fierce enemy of the Vantaar races of the Commonwealth.
While the Humans learn more about space, Anka and his small crew have other problems. They are given the order to exterminate all Knars life forms. They had to, but could not do it. They decide to kidnap as many Knars as they can and move them to another planet. The logistics of this move is tremendous! Anka has more problems than he would care to have. The Council had eyes and ears all over and the slightest miscalculation would cost them their lives!
Read about the war of the Humans and the Knars. See how Anka struggles desperately to keep the secret of eternal life away from the Council! Are the Humans going to win the war? What about Anka and his crew; will they manage to kidnap enough Knars to continue civilization on another planet? And all that from right under the Council's noses against the will of the dangerous six-foot (two-meter)-tall war machines, the Knars? And what about Anka and his crew on the mighty Planet Slayer; will he allow the Humans to be taken advantage off? His prime directive did say protect them at all costs!
Follow the double dealing that reaches to all levels. Even the Planet Slayer gets involved when he eventually leaves planet Earth and leaves a hundred percent copy of himself for the Humans, against the wishes of the Council of Twelve. Double dealing is taken to a new level in this series.
Read more about Estre the Thief in the second book.
Read more about Nikna, The Pirate Queen in the third book (Estre’s Daughter)

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The second book in the series SPACE: I, Estre the Thief Is now available! Click here to get it now!

Here is a taste of the cunning scheming thieving Estre!

I am Estre, the Thief, I have not always been a thief but you know what life is like, sometimes you have no choice in the matter. I decided to make the best of my life and the circumstances it created around me. If I had to be a thief I would make sure I would be the best thief out here in what is known as the United Commonwealth of Planet space. Out here we have 1000 civilized Planets with sentient life forms all part of the mighty UCOP of which Vantage is but one Planet. It is the most important one because the Council Of Twelve rules from here, or so it is believed. No one can show you where the members of the Council actually stay. We trust in our Council and had for longer than anyone can care to remember. They always rule with the ‘good’ of the normal Vantaar or citizen of the UCOP in mind.
I came from an average family on the planet Vantage. My father was what we called a planet hugger. He was afraid of flying into the stars and finding a job elsewhere. I might have been a better Vantaar if he was a better example; maybe I resented him for it. As a child I could never understand why I did not have the good things in life that my friends had. I listened to the stories they heard from their Dads when they came back from deep space. Some were merchants, and some were Combat Engineers. My Dad did nothing much and only worked when the Government forced him to. Otherwise he would sit around the kitchen table drinking alcohol-saturated beverages like Zswa. It was the cheapest around and he could buy a month supply of the vile tasting fluid for 100 credits. He would start to smell after a while and when he passed out I would take him and make sure the Dry-cleaner gets a fair chance at his body. Each self-respecting Vantage family had a dry cleaner since water to bathe in was to scares. You just sit down inside the module and it will clean you properly. He was a heavy Vantaar so that did not happen too often.
My mother was a vague memory of a smiling pretty faced woman that always cuddled me and told me she loved me. When she was alive my father worked hard. The day she died brought his dreams to a halt.
I Estre was formed in those circumstances. My mother I cannot really remember at all, except that she was pretty and very caring. She was about the only one that ever gave me love as far as I can recall.
Yes, I did cause of the deaths of men, Cruel, horrible, criminal, you say. I agree you cannot bake a cake and not break some eggs! I am a thief that attacks other ships with deadly missiles and various other weapons! Remember I am Estre the Thief. I am the most feared warrior out here in the UCOP space. I can fly a spaceship through the eye of a Grnn I can outmaneuver the most sophisticated organic computer designed. I am fluent in all twelve languages of the Commonwealth.
I learned them while I transported slaves over to the worker colonies of the Knars. They are from Resci 907 and secretly used Vantaar slaves to work in their most horrible mines deep underground. The practice was long ago abandoned as far as the politicians were concerned. Not so for the mining houses in the Knars hands. They paid a good price for an able working individual. He could last up to four years and in that time he can produce several thousand times what they paid for him.
You may ask what became of the souls that I sold into slavery. And you would receive no answer not that it bothered me very much since I am Estre the Thief. I steal not only your goods but also your life so that I can sell it. Even the spaceship I fly is stolen. It is not easy to steal from the UCOP, as you should know. Yet I did, and you ask how can I steal a spaceship from the mighty United Commonwealth of Planets?
They have a sophisticated organic computer aboard that will disconnect itself, if its Captain is killed. With a dead ship floating around, the Galactic patrols will pick you up quickly. They never miss a distress signal that goes of when the OC is disconnected illegally. They pounce on you like Frns2 on a Sifr3. Depending on the Prime directive of each ship it might be programmed to kill the thief, fly back to base and report the happenings to the Council of Twelves henchmen. So if the thief does not know how to override the OC’s prime directive, and quickly, he will be in a world of trouble. So far I never heard of one Vantaar prisoner that escaped from the Council of Twelve.
Yet, I, Estre, managed to steal such a ship. In fact I stole several hundred up to date. I sold them off to other would be thieves that wanted to become like me. Pirates they were called, I of course am not a Pirate, that title is too grand for me, a mere thief.
Pirates are so cruel they kill most of their unfortunate victims. I would rather sell them for a load of credits! The Galactic Patrol is there to curb the efforts of the Thieves that tries to make an honest living, they hunt the Pirates with a renewed effort every time one of them attacks a supply ship.
Our space is large, very large and they will sometimes kill a Pirate but lose several of their own ships in the effort. Is it worth it you ask? Of course it is, the rulers of our part of the Galaxy the Council of Twelve, deem it so. Kill all Pirates that can't be caught. They are just as ruthless as some say I am, don't you believe that about me I am just a thief.

In the Third book of the Series we meet Nikna Estre's daughter, the only one that took after her Dad! The rest were all honest people and such a disappointment to old Estre he almost never forgave himself!

SPACE: Nikna the Pirate Queen is now available click here to get it now!

A little extract from SPACE: Nikna The Pirate Queen,

Estre ruled the Planet with an iron fist through his henchmen. He himself never ventured far from his home since he became a dad. Everyone knew all there is to know about Estre and the two women in his life.
They know about Estres disappointment in his legitimate son Estre junior. The lad is in training to work for the Government as an accountant and did not want to follow in his dads great footsteps. His other children were just as big a disappointment to him and this caused Estre to withdraw into himself. He hardly ever swims in the sea anymore. The only time he was seen in public was when there were huge auctions or when his old crew had a party and Valerie forced him to go.
His daughter Nikna finished her schooling this year. She was the only one that showed her Fathers tendencies. She was accused of stealing a lot of goods from all over town. Nothing was ever proved against the Angel faced little sweetheart.  She bought her own Floater at the age of sixteen three years before she was scheduled for her life extension operation. She was arrested on all kinds of charges but to make them stick was another ball game. It seems that she took pride in coning the system out of punishing her. She was the only light in old Estres tunnel of darkness just imagine Honest children? Who would have thought?  He followed her exploits with a passion that was strange. Valerie knew about Yolandi and her kids from the first day. She never told Estre and he still believed that he is the only one that knows.
He did need someone that he could see himself in, Nikna was it. She was so much like Estre that he nearly had a heart attack when he discovered that she slept with half her tutors to get higher grades in school. Each one of them thought they were her only love. Estre promised them serious damage to their reproductive organs if any of his kids was given any favors at all.
They had to work hard for their education.  Be it the legal or illegal kind of education, the courts knows if Nikna can be locked up for one of her deeds they must go right ahead and do it. There is nothing like laying down a challenge for a real Thief!
Nikna did not think that was very funny, so she took the route her dad would have taken with the greatest of ease. She smiled prettily and with her green eyes and raven black hair that hangs on her hips, she melted the toughest of hearts. She had the best body the teachers had ever seen. I mean not sexy, not perfect, but really oozing sex appeal.
Being Estres carbon copy she used her looks to the fullest, whatever she wanted she got by hook or by crook. No one ever said no to Nikna. It was a concept that she did not understand.

On line now!

So far I am thinking of writing a fourth novel in the series and it will all depend on the feedback I receive from the readers! So please do get in touch and let me know your thoughts!

Another of my books is a Western The Deadly Priest,
This book was almost a full length feature film! Ron Carr Producer Director of Jigsaw-man starring Michael Caine, Florence Nightingale Etc, was in the process of setting up the team and the finance to make a film about it and he was negotiating with a publisher to print the book just before the release of the film. Sadly my good friend Ron was diagnosed with cancer and died within a very short time. He will be missed! 
Ron and Griffits
Ron in action!
Ron and me working on The Deadly Priest!
RIP Old friend...

Click here if you want to order this novel right now from Amazon on your Kindle!

A story of survival when all hope was lost

Geoffrey is your atypical English Gentleman who ran away from home to find adventure and gather stories to tell his friends. However once outside the protection of his powerful Father he found himself shanghaied (kidnapped) and sold as a galley slave. He met Pike a western gunslinger on the accursed ship and the two unlikely men became friends. A friendship so strong that it will bind them for life was forged under the horrific circumstances on the ship, chained together and whipped on a regular basis they barely survived.
Geoffrey was young and soon the impossibility of his situation sunk in, slowly but surely he was reborn as a mentally tough fighter, fighting for his life and freedom while the constant rowing added muscles full of spring and energy. Over the years on the ship Pike became his mentor and Geoffrey the eager pupil.
Then the unthinkable happened they managed to escape as the Lydia was send to a watery grave. Geoffrey and Pike made it to dry land where his real lessons in life began as a patient Pike showed him all he needed to know to survive in the open untamed American wilderness.
Pike's soul was tormented by his murdered family and revenge, Geoffrey offered to help him regain his ranch and life. This was the start of Geoffrey's gun slinging and shooting training witch he took to like a duck in water.
On the way to Pike's farm they ran into trouble and Geoffrey was severely wounded and Pike was left for dead. Geoffrey woke with Amnesia and was told he was a Bounty Hunter and Pike was told he died.
Pike went on to get his revenge. Geoffrey drifted and actually hunted down an outlaw believing he was a real Bounty Hunter till he came across a murdered man in the field. He followed the cold trail of the murderer and events took him to Ann the murdered man's daughter and soon he was in love but his unknown past was always there and the more he tried to remember the further away in the mists of his mind the real truth retreated.
Geoffrey Duncan senior never gave up hope to find his son and the letter Geoffrey sent inspired the old man to go to America to find his son. He found Pike first and was told Geoffrey was dead but a gunman overheard their conversation and soon they were retracing Geoffrey's footsteps. The novel ends where the two old friends went back to the field where they caught their horses to start the journey so they can release them as a token of them receiving their own freedom and being reunited after all the trouble they went through.

What Men Do
It is all about the war in South Africa that no one seems to write about.
This is a story told to me by someone. I however give it to you as pure fiction! Either way it is a story that should be told and I hope I did it justice!
What Men Do is now available from Amazon to get it now click here!

What men do.

This is a story about the South African border wars.
The story of one mans struggle to retain his sanity fighting a war in the mistaken belief that the powers that be actually intended to keep their promises. Of course fighting for ones country against an invading force has one single motivating force for the soldier, I have to do this in order to protect my own. In the end the decision was not the soldiers but greedy politicians who mistakenly thought they will make fortunes after giving away the country. This is proven today by the state of the once proud and stately cities. Invaded by non rent paying people destroyed whole blocks of flats burned out and the center of Johannesburg looks like Beirut after a war.
Yes indeed the politicians sure destroyed a once proud nation that fed Africa from the well managed farms, the same country is now considered a “developing” country. Not destroyed as is the real case but of course none of what has happened in this book is relevant. Or is it?
The sacrifice of a young man, leaving his own dreams shattered, being turned into a war machine, to do the bidding of those he respected. Those in power; who will make sure his country is secure for all time. He was horribly betrayed on all aspects of his life. His wife was killed his future destroyed leaving him a empty shell seeking only one thing revenge on the men that caused him this pain. The question is if you have been lied to as proficiently as he has what would you do? Would you fight for your country? Would you be prepared to die for it? Would you do unspeakable things and justify it as your duty?  OK lets say you did all these things only to find out that you have been betrayed every step of the way even to the point where the country you fought for is given away to the enemy?
Yes what would you do?
Order it now!

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